Academic Advisory Panel

Wild Animal Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research group based in the United States of America. We are seeking qualified researchers to serve on a voluntary academic advisory panel. Panel members will ensure that the Initiative’s recommendations are evidence-based and practical, that our research is thorough and accurate, and that our grants are supported by subject-matter experts. Help us help wild animals!

We are looking for volunteers that have a strong interest in issues related to free-ranging wildlife, a PhD or DVM, and expertise in one of the following disciplines:

  • Animal Welfare Science

  • Wildlife Management

  • Evolutionary Biology

  • Demography

  • Restoration Ecology

  • Urban Ecology

  • Stress Physiology

  • Comparative Epidemiology or Immunology

  • Disease Ecology

  • Comparative Neuroscience

  • Other related disciplines

The advisory panel acts to advise Wild Animal Initiative researchers on their work. Potential duties include reviewing written research, giving advice on Wild Animal Initiative project recommendations, serving on review panels for grant applications, and suggesting potential resources for further investigation. Advisory panel members are free to dictate their level of engagement, including how frequently they wish to be contacted, and the type of work they’d like to be contacted about. We estimate that on average, the time commitment will be a few hours of discussion or review 3-6 times per year. Panel members may also be invited to participate in research projects, but there is no obligation to participate.

At Wild Animal Initiative, our focus is primarily on understanding issues influencing the welfare of populations and individuals. We are therefore particularly interested in hearing from individuals who are open to welfare-focused work. If you’re interested in participating, please email with a brief description of your qualifications and research interests, and we will be in touch to discuss potential opportunities.