Working to understand and improve the lives of animals in the wild

Our Mission


Wild animal initiative’s mission is to

Research, raise awareness of, and reduce the suffering of animals. Wild Animal Initiative publishes research on wild animal welfare, and works to build welfare biology as an academic field.

In 2019, we are prioritizing research and outreach. Our research focus is prioritization within wild animal welfare, and understanding the cost-effectiveness of near-term interventions to improve wild animal welfare. Our outreach focus is academic field-building with an emphasis on early career scientists interested in welfare biology.

Wild Animal Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit operating in the State of New York. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

 Wild Animal Initiative was previously utility farm and Wild Animal Suffering Research.


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Equity Statement

Wild Animal Initiative is one group in a growing movement of organizations that have committed to prioritizing equity and inclusivity in all of our activities and operations. It is no longer an acceptable practice to acknowledge stagnant social conditions and choose not to engage in active expansion of opportunity and the enhancement of voices that are not already being heard.

Wild Animal Initiative has a focused mission to impact the world by improving the lives of wild animals. At the same time, we must recognize the vast majority of the work that we do is a series of complex interactions between humans. Our equity commitments address how we engage within the network of human stakeholders; other nonprofits, policy makers, public institutions, private businesses, communities, supporters, donors, and any individual that interacts with our organization.

We are committed to:

  • Fostering an environment, internally and externally, that is inclusive; that acknowledges and amplifies the strength in our differences,

  • Promoting positive support for every individual or group to feel respected and valued,

  • Educating supporters and raising awareness about historical and persisting inequalities pertaining to efforts made in the fields of animal welfare, animal rights, the sciences, and environmental protection,

  • Training our staff on inclusive communication and intentional disruption of oppression in real time,

  • Considering the equity implications of programmatic strategy,

  • Continually building our board and organizational staff to be diverse in identity, background, education, beliefs, and affiliations,

  • Applying these values to our programmatic, administrative, and personnel policies, practices, and procedures,

  • Serving as an example for other animal welfare organizations and movements,

  • Challenging ourselves in our ability to innovate in the space of social equity.

All of these statements work in tandem to lead us to this broader commitment:

We are committed to developing an equity lens that acknowledges the historical missteps within the animal advocacy movement in order to dissolve barriers that remain and build bridges of inclusivity for today and tomorrow.


We believe in complete transparency about how we work. We intend to make our financial and operating information publicly accessible at all times. For any information requests, email

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